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This section of the website supports the detail of why the third year of preschool is required within the private sector and how it can be funded by the private sector.

Peaceful Heights Montessori School

Kindergarten Pricing, Terms for 2021-2022and beyond

As you are aware the school has re-introduced the kindergarten year in 2020.  It will have 5 graduates this May and results are excellent.  The school continues the re-introduction of kindergarten with several new practices related to private school billings; you will have tempting options to reduce your costs by sending your child to public school kindergarten, we advise you to leave them with us..  We have added to the website two articles regarding very high-quality kindergarten linked below.  A discussion of the extra and more timely cash flow of the child tax credit and the increase in the child care expense credit due to Covid 19 is also linked to this letter. 

Yes, our third year of preschool will cost money compared to free kindergarten but the benefit will accrue to your child immediately and for a lifetime.  The third year of Montessori Preschool is not comparable to free kindergarten.  If you have high expectations for your child and want to reduce the risk that the public schools now present, in spades, you will consider staying with Peaceful Heights Kindergarten as it expands its three-year preschool program and makes it more affordable.

High-Quality at Peaceful Heights defined.

** Cost $225 per week,  $975 per month.  At your option you may pay for your monthly or weekly services over two years.  Trusting you, we will bill the full charge to you monthly and you may pay at half that charge until the statement is paid off. 

Additionally, Peaceful Heights is looking to the business community in Northern Dakota County and ask for gift vouchers (scholarships) for this higher-quality focus on today’s social issues of equity and equal opportunity.  We will locate full funding for our CCAP students and the half charge deferred by our private pay clients.  The point that needs to be made to parents and the business and churches is that first things first early childhood education should have the child really ready to read and doing math and understanding positive expectations going into kindergarten and first grade; the public schools generally do not do one size fits one presentations and instruction in kindergarten so the children are likely to be behind right from the start of kindergarten and first grade.  It just happens that way unless you as the parent step in at this point with equity and best equal opportunity.  Behind who is now a worldwide social question.  Science of early human brain synaptic closings is solidly used to predict that being behind is very hard to make up.  

Kindergarten is a capstone learning year at Peaceful Heights versus only a year of assimilation in the public schools.  Our students are at about third grade levels starting first grade as a general rule due to the one on one presentations and instruction.  We see this as equity for your child’s future.  That is the high-quality goal for your child.  It is your choice; outcomes are generally the result of three years of Montessori preschool to include the final kindergarten year.  So take the advantage.

Our focus is expanding to develop the gift money from the private sector community so this happens for the equity and equal opportunity of the children learning at Peaceful Heights.  We want to do this as a model for the county that includes several public school districts.  Nobody knows the uncertainty of public elementary school in the years that will follow the Covid 19 shutdown but we know it is not good; and recovery for those behind within an already behind public system is … ;  so our third year is a sure bet risk reduction for the child and family.

There is more public money in the pipeline for private education, many want to see the state and federal education dollars follow the child and not the public schools; many will look to education pods for more personal attention.  Some new monies in the pipeline for early education are:

1.  The Treasury Department said Monday (5-17) that 39 million families are set to receive monthly child payments beginning on July 15. The payments are part of President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, which expanded the child tax credit for one year and made it possible to pre-pay the credits on a monthly basis.  And,  There are efforts underway to expand this to another year or two.

2.  The Federal Tax credit for child care has been expanded for 2021 and possibly beyond.  This is also part of the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package.   Certainly, this and the above will be expanded and extended with the next two relief packages if President Biden has his way.  Going back to what has already been passed is described here. 

The finalizations are in the works for one and two above; this is confusing but you should look for your past $2,000 per child tax credit to go up to 3,000 or 3,600 depending on age.  Then your credit for actual child care expenses is going up to 8,000 or 16,000 depending on the number of children and actual monies spent.  Paying for your kindergarten year at Peaceful with the child care expense credit is a gray area of the law as your reject the public-school option.  Take the credit for the benefit of your child.  The child care tax credit for the kindergarten year at Peaceful Heights.  We will represent that you had no effective choice because the public schools do not offer a similar high quality so it is foolish point not to take advantage of the best.

The best action you can take for your child’s highest quality outcome is, either way, prepare your child to be a leader within the new concept of small group elementary education POD learning.  The money will fill in for this new K-12 delivery as time goes on.

3.  As mentioned above State and Federal Education budgets are being tailored to follow the child based on choice in at least 10 states now and hopefully Minnesota will follow this lead at some point but know that best outcomes desired based on parent choice is here to stay after the pandemic. When your child graduates nobody can stop the national and worldwide competition for best everything including employment.   Every parent wants best outcomes for their child and first things first is simply the point we are making to you the parent and the businesses and churches.  First things first early childhood education should have the child really ready to read, add-subtract-multiply-divide and understand positive expectations going into kindergarten and first grade.  We have defined this for you without homework when the child and parent is having fun with the presentations in our classroom. 

We now offer a way to make it affordable to you next year in combination with all the new money flowing from the Covid19 reaction.

Tom and Julie Wolfgram


Peaceful Heights New Normal of Kindergarten Funding

The following concept is being tested in these times of dramatic school change for the children of Peaceful Heights Montessori School and reestablishes the kindergarten year as the third year of preschool learning for best outcomes starting first grade.  The concept draws on all available funding from the government and more from the private sector via GO FUND ME.  This is staged as an effort to provide equity and equal opportunity.  There are two issues.  Providing the funding for a third-year student going to school on CCAP state subsidies and providing the funding to private pay families so the third-year student does not have to cut short the third year of there program because free kindergarten is offered in the public schools.  Peaceful Heights sees a way to clearly define best equity and equal opportunity outcomes using the Montessori Method funded for three years ending with the child starting first grade. 

This can be accomplished with historical funding continued plus gifts from the private sector that do not follow the child but follow a pool of school costs to be reimbursed.  High-quality expectations for 100% of the children could really be accomplished with this change in funding and discipline to focus on best preschool outcomes.  Real change could be accomplished in-spite-of the government even in-light-of the F note below.   

Peaceful Heights wants to provide parents an expectation for a solid three years of high-quality preschool education that the child needs for undisputed best outcomes.  Our parents and guardians as clients are not to be distracted by the public school’s kindergarten classroom used for assimilation.  The capstone to three years of early learning before elementary school driven by Montessori presentations of learning materials is one way to define highest quality possible and deliver equity where and when it is most needed. 

In the process of getting started; GO FUND ME requests a pool of dollars required to complete the third year of preschool.  The requirement will include 100% of the cost for CCAP students and 50% of the cost for private pay students.  The CCAP student’s ability to attend the capstone year of preschool is being leveraged off the school and the private pay parents who are paying a full price over two years less their share of GO FUND ME money.  This funding pool works because of leveraging the private sector money and local decision-making power (Peaceful Heights and its clients), into the pool.  A projection of how this work over five years is included as a PDF here:

In brief:  

The money to deliver the capstone kindergarten year within the Montessori school is funded by the initial 50% of the private pay tuition.  Full private pay is deferred until the second year but is expected to be paid by the successful GO FUND ME program.  The CCAP student attends expecting to be paid for by the GO FUND ME program.  Simply there is a private sector gift by the private pay parents (allowing leverage) and a private gift from the school (allowing leverage and risking loss) that is recovered by the GO FUND ME program from the surrounding community.  Each year is defined to be September to August and the funding needed is carried over to the next year for only the CCAP students.  The funding requestor is solely Peaceful Heights Montessori School that is taking the risk of unpaid tuition.  There are no fees involved to participate or administer this program and all funding is designated to be for tuition.  A fund raising fee is undefined at this time.


Notes                                                    Age 3-4                Age 4-5                 age 5-6                

CCAP funding                                     A                             A                             D   E       F             

Private Pay Funding                           B                             B                             C   E       F


A.      Paid by the Federal and State low income back to work child care delivered as high-quality preschool under the state guidance of Parent Aware advanced by Montessori Methods.

B.      Paid by the parent and families because dual incomes require child care delivered as high-quality preschool under the state guidance of Parent Aware advanced by Montessori Methods.

C.      Peaceful Heights defers ½ of the year’s billing to the following year and searches for private sector GO FUND ME gifts based on the opportunity to provide for best outcomes for TRUE equity and equal opportunity for child and families that desire the capstone 3rd year of learning.

D.      Peaceful Heights searches for private sector GO FUND ME gifts based on the opportunity to provide for best outcomes for TRUE equity and equal opportunity for child and families that desire the capstone 3rd year of learning.

E.       We predict the future will provide funding that follows the child in preschool for the kindergarten year for higher quality because the stability of the third year exceeds that of public school kindergartens; the pandemic has proven that kindergarten is not a foundation for expected early best outcomes.  How this plays out is not known.

F.       It is shocking that Child Care tax credits do not apply for the parents of children in kindergarten per an IRS publication; don’t know if this will be challenged or changed in then future.  “Expenses to attend kindergarten or a higher grade are not expenses for child care”.  What is shocking is that assimilation to the public school system is seen as more important to the American Recovery Program than a capstone year to the three- year preschool program.   However, this is clarity that the public sector is not interested in best outcomes at this time.  Clarity is always good when taking aim to solve a first things first problem for society.  Who is dictating that the brain development in front of first grade is better served by an assimilation year versus a capstone learning year.  Obviously if we want best outcomes this dictation is backwards.

Discussion C and D above mentions that Peaceful Heights will search for private sector gifts using the likes of “Go Fund Me” to deliver best outcomes for TRUE equity and equal opportunity.  Other public and private sector gifts can be arranged (not ruled out) so the child would remain in a preschool capstone opportunity.  However, this approach will deliver best outcomes as a first things first start as a demonstration away from the assimilating kindergarten distraction that does not put the child first.