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Mom and Dad; Guardians:

You can determine the efficiency of your child’s learning during the ages of 0-6.  You know that but let us get specific.  We help you make certain your child and you have a positive expectation for learning when starting early by being ready to read, count, and understand positive expectations at age 5-6.   This expectation comes from the use of the self- correcting learning materials that are tested within the Montessori Method .  

Joy is the imperative to learning.  Distance learning for the kindergarten year should be avoided; we have so much more to offer.  Having a joyful relationship with teachers at this young age creates stability and positive expectations into the future. 

The brain development processes of your child are sensitive to learning writing, reading, math, social skills and positive expectations during the age 0-6 period.  We work with you and your child to bring out the best outcome and expectation possible with individual presentations of skills.  It is a priceless result going into kindergarten and double priceless if you keep your child with us for the kindergarten year.  Your child does not even realize they are working to be learning at this age.

Most of the costs for safety, security, and health during the six years leading up to first grade are unavoidable and when you aim at best outcomes for your child and family and complete the kindergarten year with our school you skyrocket the present value of your decision by many times the cost.  Parents see the results immediately.

Let us help you, even if extra financial arrangements need to be made.

Sincerely, Julie and Kica


See the Excellent fast draw about a Montessori Education from the about us page.

Fun lesson plans based on Montessori materials and daily feedback to parents are part of the everyday experience. It is never too late to start with Montessori concepts of learning. Join us for an age appropriate curriculum with experienced and certified teachers.

Your child will develop vocabulary, social and self-help skills using manipulative materials that lengthen attention spans, develops independence-motivation-motor skills and creates concentration as just a few of the needed attributes for the future.

We carry the highest star rating for Parent Aware and go beyond that to include a commitment to your child’s personal development in the increasingly important service of Best Kindergarten Readiness.